September 16, 2017

Kirara Volume 8 - Mitakihara Antimaterials 8

A new chapter has arrived! Anti-materials 8 is out for release! Many thanks to our resident cow for QCing this one.

As always, feel free to drop by. Make sure to leave a message on our email as well, as our available times are small due to timezones.

August 19, 2017

Kirara Volume 7 - Mitakihara Antimaterials 7

After a short absence, we come with another fresh delivery of HomuMami homely life!

If you have contacted us before and we haven't answered I want to apologize, I promise I'll improve answer times. Do enjoy.

May 19, 2017

Kirara Volume 6 - Mitakihara Antimaterials 6

Not gonna fill another entry complaining about life anymore. Enjoy some HomuMami sugar!

Young blood willing to bring more Madoka into English is always welcomed! Drop us a message!

February 14, 2017

Kirara Magica Volume 28 - Wraith Arc 9

Here it is! After several trials and tribulations, we finally bring you Wraith Arc 9!

I know this is long overdue. This is mainly my fault due to several personal circumstances hindering our progress on it.

This chapter was also heavy in information and exposition. The most difficult thing I had to TL alone so far. Please, do enjoy!

Many thanks to our editor for putting up with my wishes at really early hours as well! And remember, you can contact us by email, IRC or comments. We're always looking for people willing to help. Kirara might be on hiatus, but there's a lot of work to be done!

BTW, MadoHomu OTP

September 29, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 27 - Wraith Arc 8

At this rate, soon enough we'll qualify as liches too. Maybe we can develop magical translation powers or something.

Either way, Chapter 8 is out now! Some shocking truth moments that really make one think that Madoka's world needed more development before jumping to Rebellion.

Do enjoy!

As always, most needed right now is translators JAP->ENG and proofreaders. Feel free to drop a message!

August 8, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 6 - Sutema! I found a magical girl 6AB

The heavens must be falling, because we have another release in less than six months!

Jokes aside, hopefully this will be the sign that we can keep a regular release schedule. 

Kirara 27 comes out this month, so expect WA 8 soon. In the meantime, an appetizer, the first chapter of "Sutema! I found a magical girl" from Kirara 6.


July 24, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 26 - Wraith Arc 7


Not really dead but no really alive either.

Suffering from a lack of manpower, but we managed to get Wraith Arc 7 ready!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this chapter could not receive a proper Quality Check. So, as always, we are open to anyone willing to give us a hand in QC, proofreading and, of course, JAP-ENG translations, which will allow us to release more content and faster.